Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Half term in Norfolk

We returned last night from a most satisfying few days in Norfolk, as most of you know I'm a huge fan of this remote, magical county. Living in easy reach of it's beautiful shores has been a big plus point in moving to Cambridgeshire. We can even nip up for a day trip if we so wish, and to breathe in the crisp fresh air makes the sometimes arduous driving all the more worth it.

Luckily we found a cute little cottage in the middle of the bustling village of Burnham Market, only a few minutes drive from the Heritage coast. We were blessed with some of the best weather we've ever had whilst in Norfolk so spent most of our time messing about on the beaches until the sun came down bringing with it the most magnificent of sunsets. Ethereal, sweeping, blustery and majestic the Norfolk coast sweeps you up to an otherworldly consciousness. Despite leaving my mobile phone signal behind in Cambridge (if you are with Vodafone forget being able to use your phone) and the testing roads, I cannot wait to return.

Here are a few snapshots from our time away, if I've not convinced you yet then take a look at these:

Morston Quay

Wells Beach

Home for four days - Pink Cottage in Burnam Market
Blakeney Point

Mr Seal bobbing his head above the water!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Holkham Halloween Horrors

If like us you are in North Norfolk for the next few days over Half Term with children in tow, take them along to the big Halloween event at the Holkham Estate.

A combined ticket gets you into the walled garden and grandiose house as well as the Bygones Museum. If you're not fussed about seeing the inside of these then there games, face painting and halloween crafts to be made around the bustling Courtyard. Although you will miss out on the fabulous spooky stories, our favourite Curiovan packed with curiosities, the biscuit decorating with Kiddy Cook in the kitchens below the stairs and seeing the wonderful Italianate house that is still occupied by the current Viscount Coke and his family. The house was completed in 1764 after taking nearly 30 years to be built, and is a fine example of Palladian architecture. The spectacular marble hall is a masterpiece in simple grandeur, if there is such a thing.

Since falling in love with Holkham Beach about nine years ago, we've been drawn back at least once a year, the distance has halved since we've been in Cambridge so I'm positive our visits will increase. It is a magical place despite it's enormity. The all encompassing Holkham Estate covers a staggering 25,000 acres which the public is encouraged to share and enjoy. It seems that the Viscountess takes a very active role in not only organising these kind of events at Holkham but designing them too, she was spotted in the kitchens just before our arrival so also enjoys joining in the fun.

Sadly with the clocks going back dusk was upon us by the time we left so weren't able to take advantage of the woodland play area complete with treehouse, that'll have to wait until next time.  Halloween Horrors is open tomorrow and then again Thursday so do pop in for lots of fun and spooky surprises!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

A Norfolk sunset

I always have the strange feeling of being home when I cross into Norfolk, perhaps its my love of the sea or the sense of endless space or that I lived here in a past life...I've yet to figure it out.

We arrived in Burnham Market this evening to this most magnificent sunset, just had to share it with you all...Have a good rest of the weekend to all.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Discovering Homestuff With History

I needn't have worried myself about shopping opportunities when I left London. Cambridge is not only complete with the normal high street stores including an excellent John Lewis, but tucked away down small alleyways or back streets are a whole raft of wonderful independent shops.

As a Virtual Assistant we are often asked to shop on behalf clients, mainly for birthday or wedding presents so as you can imagine I was keen to move somewhere with all the amenities without having to resort to driving into London each time. My search for client shopping potential has been much fun though a little hard on my bank balance as I get waylaid...

One of my new discoveries is Homestuff With History who decided to make their Summer pop up at the lovely Burwash Manor into a more permanent affair. Lucky for all us customers who love something unique rather than the run of mill, they are now there to stay.

Homestuff with History is packed with furniture and vintage items that send me all a quiver. Unique items that have been shown a bit of love and are now ready to grace a new home. Successfully run by brother and sister team Matt and Kathryn Brown for over 10 years now, this new venture is bound to be a success. As well as all the enticing collection the staff are delightful too, happy to chat and advise.

I shall definitely be back and am over the moon with my little green glass bottle and fruit tray which I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Grantchester Meadows

We were blessed with a truly beautiful Autumnal day yesterday. The kind of day that makes Autumn the most beautiful season of the year. The kind of day when the golden, ruby and orange leaves glisten under the rays of the sun.

Since our move to Cambridge we've been wanting to walk through the Granchester Meadows so yesterday was the day. Not before having a quick bowl of pea and ham soup and a slice of Victoria Sponge at the Orchard Tea rooms to set us on our way.

A picturesque walk along the Cam awaited us along with families of ducks, canoeists, dog walkers and other people taking advantage of the warm weather to stretch their legs after fulfilling lunches. We didn't quite reach Cambridge itself, next time, but enjoyed the exhilarating stroll taking in our environment. How lucky are we to be living near such natural beauty!


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Vintage Fair at King John's Nursery & Gardens, East Sussex

My weekends are often spent seeking out the nearest Vintage fair or rummaging in second hand shops, I love nothing more than filling my house with old, pre loved items or books that have special stories to tell from their past. Thankfully the husband is just as passionate as me about rifling through charity shops so he doesn't mind the hours spent on this little obsession of mine.

As you're all aware this time last week I was on a Photography weekend with the gorgeous Emily Quinton, as part of our tuition we took to our cars to visit a Vintage fair at King Johns Nursery at the invitation of the gorgeous multi talented Jeska of Lobster and Swan. If you've never read her blog go take a look and fall in love with her exquisite taste and beautiful images. She and her husband Dean have just this week launched their new online shopping emporium, The Future Kept, filled with enticing handmade products with a conscious sourced from the UK and abroad, it really is a pleasure to navigate the meticulously handpicked collection.

It was a pleasure to finally meet them both and even more exciting to have found the prettiest eiderdown for Matilda's room on their stall, it fits perfectly with her vintage style fairy bedding from Their Nibs which seems to have disappeared? Anyone know what has happened?

The fair was one of the best I've attended, I could have spent a fortune but ever aware of the limited space in our rented cottage I had to restrain myself, though I did buy a new milk jug and a battered metal trunk still with it's tag attached which will house all our shoes in the porch.

Tucked away deep in the East Sussex countryside King John's is a delightful place to wander round and with 8 acres of garden there's plenty to admire, reminded me a little of my beloved Petersham Nurseries that I've been missing since being in Cambridge. Packed with inspiring home wares, garden ornaments, and all manner of plants it's definitely worth taking a detour here if you happen to be in the area. They regularly hold fairs too so keep an eye out on their website for future dates...